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Major restructuring: BBQ Québec receives a ‘shovel in the forehead’

Major restructuring: BBQ Québec receives a ‘shovel in the forehead’

BBQ Québec is now protected from its creditors, both in the areas of distribution and management, which means a major restructuring within the company.

Nearly two months ago, BBQ Québec took steps to restructure the company, which required, among other things, the layoff of a small number of employees. “We had a problem at the management level. We did everything we could to save the company,” explains the president of BBQ Québec, Max Lavoie, in an interview with the program. On your work.

This restructuring also led to the closure of one of the four stores, the one in Montreal. “We have everything planned to support employees in Montreal regarding web and events,” adds Mr. Lavoie.

On the other hand, sales in Boucherville, Quebec and Laval are going well. “I’m trying to stay positive, but I get emotional knowing that Quebec has supported us so much for ten years,” he insists.

Ten years of “exponential growth”

“We were one of the fastest-growing retailers in America in 2019,” recalls the president of BBQ Québec.

On the other hand, he points out that the post-pandemic transition was a major hurdle. “Our general manager withdrew. The person who followed him did not have the capabilities. It did not help us,” he says.

“Shovel in the front”

Max Lavoie and his brother were passionate about barbecue, and wanted to take their passion outside of Quebec. They filmed an entire TV show, while looking for new export partners. “But the numbers were not right. We were hit with a shovel in the forehead… and this winter we are experiencing a slight crisis.”

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But, despite this situation, the president states that “we can put one knee on the ground, as a businessman.” It also reminds us of the importance of keeping your head up and taking care of your mental health.

The president confirms that the three main stores in Boucherville, Laval and Quebec City remain open. Products are still on sale.