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Mahrez and City beat Paris Saint-Germain

Mahrez and City beat Paris Saint-Germain

As part of the fifth day of the group stages of the Champions League, Manchester City (2-1) beat Paris Saint-Germain. In the starting lineup, Riyad Mahrez had a very successful performance against the Parisians.

A beautiful evening for Riyad Mahrez and his companions, who will surely occupy the first place in their group after the 2-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain. Even if not directly decisive, the captain of the Greens would have made a high-level match.

Pregnant in Pep Guardiola’s starting line-up, Riyad Mahrez has been restless on his right side since the start of the match. He will start to speak, in the sixth minute of play, about a center millimeter on the head of Rodri that Kimpembe will save on his streak. Twelve minutes later, the Algeria international makes his way into the Paris penalty area to hit a shot that netted but Hakimi finally saved it with a header.

Mahrez will, once again, be responsible for giving the Paris fans a cold sweat after a strike from the left will send Keylor Navas into a massive save allowing him to keep two clean sheets during the first half of the top of Group A. Beginning the locker room of the two teams, the Sarcelles native, at that time, himself scored more shot attempts and more shots on goal (4 shots, 2 on goal) than the entire PSG team (3 shots, 1 on goal).

When they return from the locker room, it is Paris Saint-Germain who will surprise their evening opponent by opening the scoring, on the track of the match, through Mbappe. The Skyblues will stall a bit after this Parisian opener, but they will end up putting their foot on the ball during the minutes, and it will be Mahrez who will launch the mutiny by firing a shot, into the repair zone, which will push it back in. Parisian doorman Keylor Navas to achieve a classy show.

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The pressure has been intensified on the Parisian defense, the latter will end in submission a minute later when he sees Sterling level with Citizens. From now on, the match will be balanced, but Pep Guardiola’s players are the ones who will succeed in increasing the mark in the 76th minute after a move from the right side, where Mahrez will make a cross pass to find Bernardo Silva alone on the field. The Parisian remote, which will give a touch to Gabriel Jesus who will be responsible for the crucifixion of the Parisians.

With 92% of successful passes, 4 successful passes out of 7, 5 shots, 5 successful saves out of 5, 4 scoring chances and 4 fouls to his credit, Riyad Mahrez will have made a big part. This in particular earned him the best score (8.3) for the match by