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Luis Fonsi's FEQ performance turned upside down by storms

Luis Fonsi’s FEQ performance turned upside down by storms

Many spectators at the Festival de Québec (FEQ) expected that singer Louis Fonsi had not finally set foot on the Plains of Abraham stage on Thursday night.

A few minutes before the Puerto Rican artist’s performance, FEQ organizers announced that the show was temporarily suspended due to the violent storm underway in the Capitale-Nationale area.

Soon, they finally confirmed that the rest of the evening on the Plains had been cancelled.

The festival stated that “due to weather conditions, FEQ is obligated to evacuate all outdoor sites,” inviting spectators to head calmly towards the exits.

The Québec Festival then decided to move the show inside the Armory. So Luis Fonsi was added to the Extras FEQ range. He was supposed to go up on stage around 10:30 p.m.

Just before 11 p.m., the singer said he regretted having to cancel his show on the Plains.

“You have no idea how disappointed I am. I thought I would sing in front of 60 thousand people. It was a dream for me. My heart is broken. I promise to return ”, the artist wrote on social networks.

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