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Louis Vachon: Entrepreneurship “to preserve one's identity”

Louis Vachon: Entrepreneurship “to preserve one's identity”

Louis Vachon had an impressive career at the head of the National Bank.

For the former president and CEO of this financial institution, economic success is undoubtedly a source of pride. Many things will ensure the preservation of the French-speaking community in America: Laws play a role […]Pride plays a role, as does economic success.

Louis Vachon's great-grandmother, Rose Anna Giroux, is the entrepreneur behind Vachon's famous cakes. Why did she initially buy a bakery-turned-patisserie? The goal was to bring back his children, who had all immigrated to the United States to find work“, says the former banker.

For him, business success is not just an economic question: it is a question For cultural identity.

A vision for the Quebec economy

Therefore, the good results achieved by the National Bank, which is the smallest among the six major Canadian banks, are of particular importance in the eyes of Louis Vachon. It is a great success, not only for the National Bank or shareholders but for Quebec in general.Confirms.