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Louis-Jean Cormier on the return of Karkoya: “Don’t wait too long, it will pass quickly”

Louis-Jean Cormier on the return of Karkoya: “Don’t wait too long, it will pass quickly”

If Louis-Jean Cormier has one piece of advice to offer Karkwa fans who are excited about the band’s return after their drawn-out break in 2012, it’s to enjoy them while they pass.

“The initial game plan is really ephemeral. It’s very intense. I tell everyone to enjoy it. Don’t wait too long because it will pass quickly,” Louis-Jean Cormier said last week during an interview. Newspaper On the sidelines of the National Day parade in the Plains of Abraham in Quebec.

On September 8, Karkowa will release a new album with a hitherto unknown title, his first since the release of the acclaimed album. Glass walkwaysin 2010.

A first excerpt is accompanied by a music video featuring Pascal Bossière, the song Perfect on screen It was revealed on May 17, along with dates for the fall tour which includes 19 concerts in Quebec, Belgium, France and Toronto.

It all started with Louis Jean and François

According to Louis-Jean Cormier, Karkwa’s revival project dates back to the recording of his last two solo albums, in which François Lafontaine participated.

“I had so much fun when he showed up at the end of an operation when night falls which I asked him to do heaven on earth together.”

The two friends then had great feelings in their personal lives. Louis Jean Cormier’s father had just died and François La Fontaine’s mother was ill.

We did almost 200 concerts together and that’s when we thought it might be fun to get back together with Karkwa. Very early in the process the Karkwa guys were up for it and we worked on an album.

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“Jell-O caught on very quickly”

According to Louis-Jean Cormier, the current “1000 Power Pass” between the five original members of the alternative rock formation completed by Julien Sagot, Martin Lamontagne and Stéphane Bergeron.

“We were curious to see what our combination, which has always been special because we are all different, will provide after 13 years with maturity, with vocation, with the experience we have all gained in our careers.”

Since the group’s end, all of the members of Krkoa have continued to compose music, with the exception of Martin Lamontagne, who has traded the stage for construction sites.

“He picked up his bass like he never stopped playing. It was really good. All I can say is that Jell-O caught on really fast,” Louis Jean Cormier tweeted.