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Lou Lamoriello remains satisfied with the hiring of Patrick Roy despite the team's setbacks

Lou Lamoriello remains satisfied with the hiring of Patrick Roy despite the team's setbacks

After being the NHL's team of the hour, the Islanders are back in a tough spot heading into the playoffs. If this trend continues, New York will not be part of the spring tournament.

However, this does not seem to bother Lou Lamoriello, who admitted that he is still satisfied with the appointment of Patrick Roy as the team's coach. He revealed this information to RDS' Francois Gagnon during a meeting of NHL general managers.

Lamoriello believes Roy does a great job with the players and is happy to get to know him every day. You have to understand that these two men are very strong in life and it is in no way surprising to see them getting along great.

The problem is that the islanders are back in misery and are going through a very difficult time. They have lost their last five games.

The last two meetings against big clubs like the Hurricanes and Rangers may be good, but losing to the Sabers and Senators, while the team is fighting for a spot in the playoffs, is heavy.

Not only did the team suffer psychologically from this sequence, but above all it fell in the overall standings. Here is the difference between the March 10 and March 20 rankings.

NHL rankings as of March 10, 2024
NHL rankings as of March 20, 2024

As of March 10, the Islanders were riding a six-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Red Wings were struggling and it looked like we were seeing a strong comeback from the Islanders.

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Everything has collapsed and time is running out for Patrick Roy's forces. New York is just three points away from a playoff spot, but at this rate, it may be difficult to get back on track.

Thursday's match against Detroit will be one of the most important meetings for Patrick Roy's team. We're talking here about one of those famous four-point games, where you can win two while denying your opponent any.

A win would put the team back on track, but a defeat could be a fatal blow.

The worst part is that Roy's side have only scored five goals in their last five matches, and have been eliminated twice.

The good news is that Patrick Roy isn't just pointing the finger at his players. He also bears some of the blame. In a news conference after the 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes on Tuesday, he admitted he also has some changes he needs to make.

He allows his players to spend a lot of time on the ice and that seems to be a big factor in their losing streak.

So we shouldn't view the Islanders as a lost cause, but they will have to get back to winning ways pretty quickly if they want to make the NHL playoffs.

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