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London Airport: A Scam Beyond Canadian Immigration

London Airport: A Scam Beyond Canadian Immigration

A British Airways employee at London's Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom allegedly helped her immigrate to Canada in exchange for money to break immigration laws.

As first reported by the “Times of London”, British authorities are investigating the fraud that allowed people to claim asylum in Canada.

A British Airways employee allegedly charged almost $43,000 to every passenger who wanted to travel without the required visa by falsely declaring that they had the required documents.

According to British media, the scam will benefit Indian nationals who have traveled to the UK on temporary visitor visas and British asylum seekers who are at risk of deportation.

The Times of London reported that Canadian authorities were concerned about the situation after noticing that many travelers were arriving without visas and seeking asylum. The scheme reportedly worked for years and netted the fraudster $5 million.

The prime suspect is reported to have fled to India after his arrest in London on January 6.

British officials and British Airways declined to comment further on the investigation. However, the media reported that the air carrier confirmed that the supervisor in question was not employed with them.

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