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Logan Maalox: 'We regretted it at the time'

Logan Maalox: ‘We regretted it at the time’

Denis Lévesque returns to the small screen with a series that relives the history of LCN, an ongoing news channel that will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2023.

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This week, the host relives the history of the Montreal Canadiens and meets Jeff Molson, owner, president and CEO of CH.

The businessman is back in the controversy surrounding Logan Mailloux, who this week signed his first contract with the legendary hockey club.

The defender will receive $750,000 for the 2022-2023 season and $832,500 for the next season. He will receive a signing bonus of $92,500. This is an entry contract that will expire at the end of the 2024-2025 season.

If he plays with the Rocket in the MLS, he’ll make $70,000 per campaign.

At 17, Mallo was accused of taking a picture of a woman in an intimate moment without her consent. He shared the shot with his teammates to impress them. An event that took place in Sweden.

If Jeff Molson considers Logan Mailo to have demonstrated good behavior in recent months, he admits that he first regretted that choice during the draft, in 2021.

“Did we regret it at the time, yes. It was a tough time for the organization,” he says in an interview with Denis Levesque.

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However, Jeff Molson derives positivity from this entire story.

“I think we took a very difficult situation, and we started to turn it into a positive one. I think we did a lot for the individual, to bring him to a better place and make him a better person,” explains Mr. Molson.

He considers that this lesser known episode in the history of the Hab allowed many people to learn a lesson.

“We have also succeeded in educating our world. It is not right to do so [ce qu’il a fait]. I hope all young hockey players have seen and learned from what happened. This is what I see.”

Jeff Molson wants to put that controversy behind him and hopes the 19-year-old defender gets his chance.

“If he ever shows up on the ice in the Montreal Canadiens, I hope our fans will support him,” he concludes.

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