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LISTEN: This cat breaks a world record by purring as loud as a kettle

LISTEN: This cat breaks a world record by purring as loud as a kettle

A cat from the United Kingdom that purrs as loudly as a kettle won the Guinness World Record for the loudest current purr on Tuesday, much to the delight of her owner who keeps humming from morning to night.

β€œWe always knew that Bella purred very loudly β€” we even had to turn up the volume to hear the TV purr β€” and that was always after meals,” Bella’s owner, Nicole Spink, told reporters with a laugh. World Records (GWR) Tuesday.

The organization said 14-year-old Bella took top honors Tuesday for her loud purr of 54.59 decibels, the equivalent of a boiling kettle, not far from a washing machine.

β€œFriends and family always notice Bella’s loud purr, and everyone comments, ‘What’s that loud noise?’ Oh, it’s the cat. ‘Only Bella is happy!'” continued her owner from Huntingdon, England.

Nicole Spink added that it was strange that the cat was purring everywhere, even at the vet.

After browsing through the Guinness Book of World Records, the woman and her daughter downloaded an app to compare their cat’s purr with the sound of the current winner, and realized greedy Bella had a chance of bringing him down – especially after a meal. He said.

While she now holds the record for the loudest purr of a living cat, the all-time record will be held by Smokey, from Northampton in the UK, who reached 67.8 decibels in 2011.

He was equaled by Merlin, from Devon, in the same country, four years later, but no cat has been able to clear them yet, according to the GWR.

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