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Lines, Defensive Pairs & Updates - September 28

Lines, Defensive Pairs & Updates – September 28

Broussard – Team B (white) jumped on the ice at the Bell Sports Complex in Broussard on Tuesday morning.

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Here are the line combinations and defense pairs during the training session:

Team B (white)
Training – 10 hours
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73 – Tyler Toffoli 14- Nick Suzuki 11- Brendan Gallagher
62 – Arturi Laconin 25 – Ryan Boehling 45- Laurent Dauphin
85- Mathieu Perrault 13 – Cedric Beckett 60- Alex Belzel
81- Brandon Paddock 86 – Jean-Christophe Boudin 42- Lucas Videmo
27- Alexander Romanov 26- Jeff Petri 30- Kayden Primo
77 – Britt Colak 36- Gianni Fairbrother 70- Michael McNavin
82 – You are a Bison 63- Arber Khakaj
61- Xavier Ole 47- Louis Belpidio

Disturbed by an injury to the upper body, Cole Caufield He did not participate in the training.

Brendan Gallagher took his place to the right of Suzuki and Tovoli.

After training, Gallagher met with the media to discuss his adjustment to the fact that there were so many new faces in the Habs locker room.

He also talked about his role as a captain and how he learned the basics of the trade along with many veterans over the years.

Video: Brendan Gallagher’s son driving

The 29-year-old striker, about to start his 10th NHL season, later arrives at a training camp for family reasons.

He skated for the second time and is expected to make his pre-season debut Friday or Saturday against the Senators.

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: Brendan Gallagher is ready to follow in the footsteps of the leaders he has cultivated throughout his career. #GoHabsGo

The fiery striker also praised Suzuki during his meeting with reporters.

Given what Gallagher has seen about the young Canadian player so far, he considers Suzuki’s driving ability very high.

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: Brendan Gallagher on Nick Suzuki’s leadership role on the team. #GoHabsGo

The team will hit the ice again on Wednesday.

The first group will practice at 10 am.

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