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Leave the students alone with homework!

Leave the students alone with homework!

This back-to-school week, I realized that I find it overkill to give elementary and high school students homework. There seems to be a lot to ask of children and teens.

I loved school, but I remember when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was open up my exercise books.

In elementary school, after sitting most of the day at school, I needed to run around, play with my friends, and have fun with my parents. Also when I was a teenager, in the evenings, I needed to decompress, have time for myself.

However, many times I didn’t have time to do what would allow me to recharge my batteries, because I had so much homework.

Goodbye homework

I think it’s time to rethink the school system to free Quebec students from homework.

This would allow children to have the time they need to relax and recharge their batteries.

And eliminating homework will allow parents to breathe a little on weekend nights.

This would also rebalance the inequities in parental support for young people’s schooling, because not all students have the same quality of support for their homework.

new ways

Other avenues can be put forward to enhance student learning and involve parents.

Why, for example, should there not be more periods of time during lesson hours devoted to the study of the subject in which the pupils can help each other? And why not have more fun activities that get parents involved in school life?

I know many of us would turn down a job if asked to take work home most nights. Why do we inflict this on young people with homework?