Serba Dinamik's Yusni Yusop Dares Both Men and Women to Challenge the O&G Status Quo


Serba Dinamik's Yusni Yusop Dares Both Men and Women to Challenge the O&G Status Quo

Men have a role in the empowerment of women in the oil and gas industry. Yusni Mohamed Yusop, Vice President of Serba Dinamik speaks to AWANI Review’s Ibrahim Sani that there is no better time to break down this gender divide.

Serba Dinamik is currently a darling amongst stock pickers. The company announced that it had entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd for the acquisition by Serba of a 40 percent equity stake held by Maju in Maju Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd, Maju RE (Talang) Sdn Bhd and Maju RE (Temenggor) Sdn Bhd.


In an industry where men are predominantly dominating the sector, one lady stands out challenging the norms of being the rose amongst the thorns. “People often forget that the main cause for women to be shunned in the workplace is because both men and women do not want to challenge the status quo” says Yusni Yusop, Vice President of Serba Dinamik.

“It is a long battle in how we manage the thinking and perception of both men and women in this regard” she added. “2018 is a year of awakening for all the women. It is about realizing the true value that women bring to the workplace. 2018 is also a year than men must acknowledge this change, and bring about a greater urgency in changing the status quo in bringing more women in the workforce” she stressed.

When starting this job decades ago, Yusni was one of the rare women in the oil & gas and in the O&M sector. “I remember in the early days, it was unusual for women to be working in engineering and heavy industries. Today there are changes in how women are perceived. But of course, more can be done to improve women’s participation in this industry” she recollects.

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