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Lavish landscapes by Christophe Castis in La Strada de Decazville

Lavish landscapes by Christophe Castis in La Strada de Decazville

A new exhibition has started in the Great Hall of La Strada cinema with breathtaking images.

Christophe Castis hung a selection of landscape shots on photo rails, reflecting his taste for travel and the discovery of new lands. he meets.

Christophe Castis, could you introduce yourself?

I was born in 1974 in Decazeville and lived there until 1997. I left for the Paris region to work. I spent my childhood between Agnac and Nantuech. I was a cyclist in Guidon decazevillois where I learned the taste of effort, values ​​like mutual help, respect, humility… I never cut the cord with the pelvis, I come back regularly. My roots are here and I need to recharge my batteries regularly. I still have my mother and two grandparents living here.

Where did this passion come from?

After spending 25 years in the Paris region, and having Covid passed from there, I made the decision to leave the region and go live in a converted van on the roads of France and Europe in order to satisfy my budding craving. In 2019. At the moment I have traveled a lot from France (Occitane, Rhone-Alpes, Pyrenees, Brittany …) which I love for the diversity of its landscapes. In July 2022, I did a report on the Tour de France. In August 2022 I followed the Mountain Bike World Championships in Les Gets. In October 2022, I crossed Ireland to go to Scotland and in particular to the Isle of Skye. I have also printed a brochure for this trip which can be consulted at La Strada cinema and can be purchased for €15. In December 2022 I did Le Grand-Bornand. This past March I spent a month in northern Italy. I have participated in the Art3f exhibition in Toulouse and at the Art3f exhibition in Kortrijk in Belgium.

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How do you take a good photo?

I am equipped with Nikon cameras and the Z9 and Z6 cameras. I use a wide angle lens, a zoom lens, and a telephoto lens. It may take a few seconds like my picture on the moon at Saint-Cirq-Lapopie (“Pious Moon”). Conversely, in my photo of Old Man in Sture (“Planet Earth”), I had to go to the site three days in a row to get the right light and wait 4 hours to get the right photo. Sometimes you have to deal with fickle weather, like in the Dolomites (Italy), where when I reached the heights, I found myself following a snow plow into a storm, amidst fifty-meter snowdrifts! I don’t forget to study the weather carefully since that day.

your projects?

My next trip is not yet decided, but it will either be to the south, Spain or Portugal, or vice versa, Norway or Iceland. is under consideration. An outdoor photo will be shown at the next Phot’Aubrac, from September 21-24, 2023.