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‘La Voix’ returns this Sunday on TVA: host Charles Lafortune reveals himself

On the eve of the broadcast of the new season of “La Voix”, presenter Charles Lafortune reviews his return to lead this big family TV event and reveals some of the novelties for this ninth year.

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If he was now a very busy producer, Charles Lafortune would never have thought of leaving his place in the animation of “La Voix”. “It’s rare to be involved in a great success that lasts so long and becomes a tradition,” he said in an interview. It’s precious. There is also something magical about seeing people realize their talent. I can’t get enough of the friends and families who react when the chairs are turned. I have this closeness to them and it’s like a “rush” of happiness.

The show’s philosophy also aligns with its own values. “Celebrating talent rather than personality or strategies is important. My singing competition is the best because the coaches don’t see the nominees when they’re choosing them. There’s ethnic, musical, and generational representation, and we keep discovering great new talent.”

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If his daily life as a producer is to make decisions and decide, then he becomes a simple host on the set of “La Voix”. “I don’t decide anything, but I give my opinion on everything,” he joked. I try not to be too much of a mother-in-law, but I do offer ideas. I said, for example, that it never occurred to an animator to step in to press a button rather than an instructor. But I was told that would never happen! I tried myself.

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During the recordings of the blind auditions, Charles Lafortune also witnessed the great complicity that unites the coaches of this new season.

Joel LeMay/QMI Agency

“Marc leaves with a head start. He always took such good care of his candidates, he was really involved. Cornell, who I thought was the calmest one, is very active and has good arguments. Mario Belchat is associated with popular success and is really great. He is also the most passionate coach. Finally, Margo is Definitely the most instinctive.It is the simplest way of dealing with candidates.

Since the first broadcast of the blind trials, Sunday, viewers will notice several changes.

“A lot of the visuals have been added, like the lighting that accompanies a contestant as they get on stage before an audition, for example, as well as a light system above the stage that rotates before the song starts. The decor has also been improved a bit, and the musicians are more present. We’ll see them more during the blind auditions.”

Charles LaForton’s animation style will also be different, with a one-on-one interview with the candidate at the start. “Only when we are at hearing time will I talk to the family. It allows me to create a different atmosphere. I also have a camera that comes to me during the audition and I can comment on what just happened, give my opinion or refer back to the coach’s comments. I will have more complicity with the spectators at home. I love that.”

The new season of “La Voix” premieres Sunday January 15th at 7pm on TVA.

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