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Many reactions the day after the shocking interview with Julien Lacroix

Reactions varied the day after the shocking interview with Julien Lacroix, which was awarded to the program “Le monde à l’envers” hosted by Stéphan Bureau.

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He notes that he chose to do this interview to rid himself of his fears and to be able to “replay”. [son] Career, to try to move to another stage, both professionally and personally, to [ses] Relatives.

“It’s a way for me to move forward,” he said.

Bystanders interviewed by TVA Nouvelles wanted to talk about the saga.

“I, I think I’m going to withdraw a little bit from public life. […] “This may be the best way to protect yourself,” said one man.

“Nonsense,” said a bystander, “I think we’ve always done a bit in our lives, I feel like it.”

On social networks, many netizens also interacted with the comedian’s first TV interview.

Toma Eczkowitz

Remember, Julien Lacroix is ​​not the subject of criminal charges, but of allegations of sexual misconduct by victims who denounced him in an article in “Le Devoir”.

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