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Eating at home to save money: ‘We’ve completely changed our habits’

Eating at home to save money: ‘We’ve completely changed our habits’

Some restaurant owners are having to rethink how they attract customers as many are choosing to stop or limit their restaurant visits due to the rising cost of living.

Many people interviewed by TVA Nouvelles indicate that they have changed their consumption habits in recent months regarding restaurants.

“It is less expensive to prepare food at home,” says one woman.

A passerby adds: “I deprive myself a lot.” Usually I used to go with my daughter to the restaurant regularly, but now I don’t go there anymore. When I went there recently, I only paid $70 for the two of us.

“We have completely changed our habits,” says another woman. “We make chicken broth and we make desserts.”

This situation is causing many restaurant owners to review their way of doing things.

This is the case for Benny & Co. Restaurants, which is increasingly focusing on its budget offerings.

“In our niche, we continue to be fortunate to have loyal customers,” explains Elizabeth Penny, vice president of marketing and public relations. We keep them thanks to the offers […] Which are available [à l’année] Which is characterized by reasonable prices whether you are alone or with your family.

“We haven’t increased the number of promotions,” she adds. We focused a lot of our communications on the promotions we already had. We’ve highlighted them more.

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