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Kent Hughes received calls after Kirby Dutch was injured

Kent Hughes received calls after Kirby Dutch was injured

The Montreal Canadiens aren’t too concerned about the medical evaluation of Kirby Dach, who has suffered several injuries already in his young career.

That’s what TVA Sports journalist Marc-Andre Perreault taught us during his daily segment JCThursday.

“What they tell me is that this is bad luck,” Perreault explained. These are not related injuries. It would be even more alarming if, at 22, we were talking about worn-out buttocks like Sean Monahan’s.

During his discussion with the Canadiens, Perreault said Patrice Bergeron’s name was mentioned as an example of a player who recovered from a catastrophic injury to have a long and productive career.

Positive point

Furthermore, if there’s one positive to be taken from Dutch’s injury, it’s the relief it could provide to the Canadiens on the payroll.

By placing Dutch’s name on the long-term injured list, CH will have more flexibility to make transactions during the season and at the deadline.

Kent Hughes’ phone has already started ringing.

“I can tell you that, among Canadians, we have already received phone calls from other general managers saying, ‘I may be able to help you.’”

Watch Marc-Andre Perrault’s full column in the video above.

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