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Keir Starmer, an exemplary partner with international appeal – Liberation

Keir Starmer, an exemplary partner with international appeal – Liberation


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On the diplomatic scene, Keir Starmer presents himself as a trusted ally and master of his party. A welcome profile after years of political turmoil.

Since 2016, the United Kingdom has seen five different prime ministers: David Cameron, Theresa May, the disastrous Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, the forty-four-day mandate and the current head of government, hastily recalling that she was not elected. : Rishi Sunak. Facing this storm, it will not be difficult to position itself as a promising alternative in the eyes of international partners. This is the direction Keir Starmer has taken in recent months through official visits and meetings with heads of state.

He first visited France in September 2023, and his two-way, forty-five-minute face-to-face interview with Emmanuel Macron was described as a “conspiracy” by the British press. Aimed at building his international profile, the tour continued in the Netherlands and Canada. Then, in February, the first Labor leader to attend the Munich Security Conference since 2010 defended his party's ties to NATO.

“Brexit will work”

“He is clearly projecting himself as the next prime minister, although he can't quite say it publicly. Ex

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