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Kehlani was allegedly sexually assaulted while performing in England

Kehlani was allegedly sexually assaulted while performing in England

Kehlani was on a European tour when something happened while she was in Manchester, England.

Kehlani’s Blue Water Road Trip tour ended on a low note in the UK. The singer performed a successful show on stage at the O2 Victoria Warehouse on Monday, December 12, 2022. However, she reported being sexually assaulted after her performance when she was escorted through the crowd.

A shock to the artist

It was on Twitter that the artiste exposed the issue before deleting his message. HiphopDx already had time to catch up on the situation.

Kehlani begins by explaining how much she had to drown her anger at the deleted videos. “I made the video a video and deleted it because I don’t want a video of anger, provocation, crying because I’m everywhere.“, she wrote. “I don’t care about my music, my shows, the fun I have with my friends dancing in the clubs, or how much you judge me.»

She explained clearly what had happened. “When I’m led through the crowd after the show, none of you have the right to cross a line like putting your hands up my skirt, pulling down my panties, and touching my privates.»

As a result, this situation worsened the health of the singer. She didn’t really fail. “This shit made my stomach hurt. As a victim of sexual assault, I am constantly provoked.»

It’s not clear where the scene took place, as the singer performed at an after party at The Printworks.

In this situation Kelani fans did not fail to express their anger.

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