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Kayden Primeau will start against the Blue Jackets

Kayden Primeau will start against the Blue Jackets

The departure of Jake Allen (towards another management trio) inevitably frees up a spot in Montreal. This will leave more room for Kayden Primeau and Samuel Montembault to express their talent.

We can't wait to see how the goalkeepers will share the task in the future.

And now we understand that it is Kayden Primo who will play tomorrow in the home match against Very strong Columbus Blue Jackets by Pascal Vincent.

It's good for him to finally be able to play.

So we have to think that Samuel Montembault will have the right to participate in the other two games this week, during the games on Thursday (he will visit Boston) and Saturday night in Calgary.

Note that this is only the second time since the beginning of December that Primo will have the opportunity to play in front of his fans. Usually, his departures were all on the road.

There, with the new goalkeeping regime, he should get more playing time at home.

I still expect Montembault to play more than his Bale counterpart for obvious reasons, but he can't play every game at home, anyway. It's not like it used to be…

This will be Primo's fourth start since returning from the All-Star break. He will try to win for the first time since beating the Ducks on February 13.

(Credit: ESPN)

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