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Kathleen Frenet: A golden fellow is leaving us

Kathleen Frenet: A golden fellow is leaving us

After a grueling battle, fellow Goldsmith Kathleen Frenet quietly left us on Wednesday afternoon.

In July 2018, cancer entered Kathleen’s life. And not just any: Triple negative, generally aggressive and intolerant breast cancer.

In a highly personal text (available here) it was published Newspapershe had confided “that the earth had slipped before her, that the sun had set and darkness had come” after this proclamation.

However, those who know Kathleen know that it took a lot for her to give way to the darkness, and it was she who was most easily recognized by her great, powerful laugh that filled the rooms in which she was.

After working for several radio and television stations, she settled in register. First in the news where, thanks to her great sympathy, she specializes in collecting influential testimonies. Then, in recent years, it covered the Quebec courthouse yard.

Even in the height of her illness, she would remind me all the time that the courtroom was “her” palace and that she would return to work there one day. She never got tired of organizing her passages, chatting with prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and special police, who became a real family for her.

And besides all that, there was her eldest son, William, of whom she was very proud and who was the center of her life for her. When we talked and I heard from her, she always talked to me about her son. She always said, “Every second that I can walk away from the disease and be able to spend with it is worth the fight I have to fight.”

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In the same text I mentioned above, Kathleen said that cancer never really made it to the primary. “It never made me lose the desire to laugh, smile, fight, be positive, or be a beautiful, strong, proud person.”

And that was true.

Newspaper She would like to extend her deepest condolences to all of Kathleen’s loved ones, and especially to her son, William.

John Laroche

Information manager

Quebec Journal