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Karen Vanas Reacts To Post Series Comments

Karen Vanas Reacts To Post Series Comments

One of our favorite actresses, Karen Vanas, shone in a touching series after, after broadcast on Here Tou.Tv as well as on top Here is the TV. After the episodes aired, fans of the show wrote to the actress several touching testimonies. In an interview with Montreal MagazineKaren Vanas spoke on this subject.

« I receive testimonials where people, when they tell me about them, almost have emotion in their throats. People, both men and women, regardless of age, are quickly affected severely. There is really something that seems to hit a thread that is very fine, very delicate, but not heavy. He is at ease. They say to each other, yeah, it’s hard, but we can get up » go to the journalist Yves Leclerc.

« There is no perfection in real life when going through traumatic events. The idea was to get to the heart of the feelings and what is going on inside us. Grief and anger are stages that differ according to the individual Talking about the history of the series, which revolves around a small village completely shaken by a terrible tragedy.

The person who has The main role in the excellent series conditional (Which will soon be adapted to the United States) blue moon He played a grocery store manager caught in the middle of a major drama.

True to her, it’s the human side of Karine Vanasse that is featured in this interview and also, that breaks the screen in her game.

The last episode of after, after It will be broadcast this Wednesday on ICI Télé.

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