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Britney Spears is no longer under her father's tutelage, court rules

Britney Spears is no longer under her father’s tutelage, court rules

Judge Brenda Penny said during the hearing that the current agreement was so Unbearable as it is. So I decided, in interest From the artist, Jimmy Spears’ comment on his role as a teacher has immediate effect.

This supervision, which was put in place in 2008 after the mental disorders shown by the star, is still in effect at the moment, but Jamie Spears until further notice no longer has a say in the management of privacy or the financial affairs of his daughter, entrusted to specialists.

Neither Britney Spears nor her father were present at the session, which lasted more than two hours.

Britney Free! Congratulation!!!!!!!!!All hats off to the singer’s fiancé, Sam Asgari, reacted on his Instagram account, with a photo appearing showing him giving a rose to his chosen one.

Judge Penny added that Jamie Spears will have to pass the orders on to an accountant as soon as possible, asserting that her decision is not subject to appeal.

Judge Benny designated November 12 as a short hearing Aim to formally agree to the end of the guardianship. A second meeting is scheduled for December 13 to consider financial matters and other details.

Guardianship must end quicklyMatthew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ attorney, wrote in a motion made this week that again called for Jimmy Spears to be suspended.

Every day that passes with him as a teacher – every day and every hour – is a day that causes his daughter to suffer and ache., he completed.

The actress’s lawyer appealed the case on Wednesday, calling Jamie Spears aA cruel, handsome, and abusive man.

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To back up his claims, a documentary last week by The New York Times (Take control of Britney SpearsJamie Spears is accused of secretly installing surveillance cameras in her daughter’s room and recording her private conversations.

Her father denied that he exercised any illegal control over his daughter.

Another documentary, Britney against spears, produced by Netflix, alleges that the 39-year-old singer twice tried to appoint her own attorney at the start of the conservatorship proceeding, which was denied.

She was unable to appoint a board until last July.

Last month, Jamie Spears himself appeared to have finally succumbed to the pressure: He asked the courts to end the guardianship procedure, stating that the singer She thinks she can manage her own life from now on.

Britney Spears publicly opposed this status under guardianship during testimonies before justice or in posts on social networks.

She said in particular that she was not able to have her IUD removed when she wanted to have other children, and that she was forced to take medications that made her feel uncomfortable. drunk.

The singer also complained that he had to continue working despite this censorship measure Pay everyone around without being able to make their own decisions. In particular, she had to pay very exorbitant fees to her father’s lawyers, who opposed her in these proceedings.

On Wednesday, Matthew Rosengart asked the court to open an investigation into the management of Jimmy Spears, which he questioned.

There is no evidence to justify the comment Meanwhile, Jamie Spears has appealed to her attorney, Vivian Touraine, claiming that 13 years of her guardianship have been Flawless and that it should not be replaced by a stranger.

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Britney Spears has been supported for years by an army of fans who demand release their fetish. Hundreds of them had gathered again Wednesday in front of the Los Angeles courthouse.