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Juraj Slavkowski from Philadelphia: Daniel Breyer tries everything for everything

Juraj Slavkowski from Philadelphia: Daniel Breyer tries everything for everything

– amazing…

— while Daniel Breyer withdrew his offer to Kent Hughes for the fifth overall option…at the very last minute…

— while Ti-DAN realized that the Arizona Coyotes would not choose Matvey Michkov, convincing him to withdraw his offer from the 7th and 22nd option for the 5th option…

– Brier would then return to Kent Hughes’ charge after the replay.

– For Juraj Slavkovsky.

– Brière was already proposing Cutter Gauthier to CH in order to acquire the Slovakian giant.

Needless to say, there is tension between Gauthier and the Flyers.

– The American missed his team’s development camp without giving specific reasons.

– Even if Brier concealed his anger, the latter is said to have seen Red and was at his side.

– After Kent Hughes refused to go through with the Gauthier vs Slafkovsky (ONE vs ONE) deal, the Flyers’ general manager had an element in Gauthier convincing him to drop the Slovakian.

The Montreal Canadiens also rejected the second bid.

– Brière was already in love with SLAF.

—and his spies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where the pilots are very well represented with many scouts in that corner of the world, told him that Slavkowski was turning into a monster this summer.

“Juraj has great strength. He approaches everything with utmost effort, which is hard to maintain consistently. However, hockey is an activity that requires repetitive efforts.

“It’s all about the muscle’s ability to contract and relax. We want Slafkovsky to be able to do everything 20 times, 30 times on the ice, but not at the expense of quality.” says her personal fitness trainer, Michel Bettina.

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“We gave him a spirometric test to assess the functioning of the lungs. Then we did another test on a stationary bike and this revealed the limits of his metabolic level. We measured the performance of the heart muscles in human body muscle oxygenation using a sensor called Moxy.

“The mask allows us to monitor the rate and volume of respiration with and without the disc. We can notice when an athlete is holding their breath or breathing rapidly and ineffectively. A variety of other irregularities can also be observed.

“These kinds of changes take time to adopt. However, if all goes as planned, it will help him perform more turns and at a higher intensity. He will recover faster and his first three steps will be more powerful.”

“We were able to increase the vital lung capacity by 20%, which is a very significant number.”

“I saw a picture of Juraj with his sunglasses on the ice. These powerful glasses change the field of vision and blink. These glasses help Juraj improve his ability to judge distances and respond quickly to dynamic changes, as well as enhance his spatial orientation.”

Obviously, genetics will always play a role, and Juraj has certain physical tendencies [qui jouent en sa faveur], gets to know Břetenář. But that’s only part of the equation. Humility, openness, and willingness to work on yourself are all necessary qualities. And I think Juraj has those qualities.”

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– while Cutter Gauthier has a reputation for being pretentious and by no means humble.

– To miss his team’s development camp, it is really necessary not to know humility.

– See the lease here.

The Montreal Canadiens want humble, hardworking children who will immerse themselves in the culture that Martin St. Louis established.

– While the pilots go there in search of pure talent, without thinking too much about the situation (Mishkov, Gauthier …)

Brier has to forget about Slavkovsky in order to balance his culture.

He’s in Montreal to stay…