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Juraj Slavkovski's party was broken up by Guillaume Latendress

Juraj Slavkovski's party was broken up by Guillaume Latendress

Guillaume Latendresse is known for not mincing his words. And this time, he decided to crash the party.

While the entire population of Quebec dreams of Juraj Slavkovski's talent on the ice, Latendress decided to question the prodigy status attributed to the young Slovak player.

I think he can become a franchise player. On the other hand, I don't think he'll ever be a 100-point player. ''

In a province where hockey is a national passion, everyone likes to believe in the arrival of a new prodigy, especially when they play for the Montreal Canadiens.

Slavkovski, with his raw talent and the fact that he is the flavor of 2024, is beginning to impress the people of Quebec, who see in him the potential to score a hundred points in the future, or even more.

But now Latendress, with her classic candor, sets the record straight. For him, Slavkovsky is not a future 100-point scorer. Perhaps it was his experience in the world of professional hockey that allowed him to see beyond the early excitement.

Regardless, the reaction was not long in coming. Slavkowski's supporters felt betrayed, as if their dream of finally having a new champion on the ice had been brutally cut short by the “party crasher” in Latendress.

Some even accused Latendress of wanting to draw attention to himself, and seeking to profit from the controversy he wants to cause, while “Slave” is the idol of an entire province.

Is Guillaume Latindress right? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the debate is raging in Quebec, where everyone has their own opinion on Slavkowski's true potential.

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During this time, the young player continues to develop into a true hockey machine. 100 pips or not, it's a stud. There is no need to break up the party.