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“I wish Shea Weber had never been traded.”

“I wish Shea Weber had never been traded.”

In the last decade, I don't think there's been a more talked-about trade in Montreal than the one that sent PK Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber. It was pretty huge to see two defensive players being traded for each other, especially considering how much they were loved by their (former) fans.

Even today, there are still those who oppose Marc Bergevin. It has been nearly eight years.

The big question of who wins the trade isn't unanimous even years later, but in recent days, David Poile, who was the Predators' general manager at the time of the trade, has spoken about it.

He did it while on the airwaves of a Nashville radio station.

In hindsight, it is believed that both teams got what they wanted from this deal… but:

I hope for chia [Weber] They are never exchanged. I'm being really honest with you when I say that. – David Boyle

In Boyle's statements, we must understand that he is not saying that he did it Lost deal, because he truly believes both clubs got what they wanted (both made it to the Stanley Cup Final, after all). In fact, the main thing to understand is that Boyle did not like trading for a guy who he believed should have spent his entire career in Tennessee.

After one day, with the back, it is affirmed that the sign has been used for a long time… that is, it is very reasonable that Weber will come back next year 2025-26 and no more time will come. A few years.

However, what we noticed is that some people didn't just want to see them in Montreal they The player stays inside they organized.

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It shows once again that both men were appreciated where they were…and that it is always difficult to replace people who have given so much to your organization.

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