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José Deschenes: “I left at 17 with my teacher at CEGEP”

José Deschenes: “I left at 17 with my teacher at CEGEP”

Before becoming an actress, José Deschenes experienced a short period of rebellion to try love with a capital letter.

“I left when I was 17, but I didn’t leave to work in theater right away. I left with my CEGEP teacher, in fact, I ran away from home.” True nature.

“He was 16 years away from me,” the actress then explained to Jean-Philippe Dionne during the first part of the show. She added: “My parents didn't like him, because he was too old for me, first and foremost, and he was a motorcyclist.”

Translator Leeson “Creighton” Barry V Small life He also confided that he opened a restaurant in Quebec, La Bastille, with a lover of the time next to the Quebec Institute of Dramatic Arts.

“I knew I always wanted to do theatre, and I heard the students rehearsing, and I heard them cheering on Shakespeare, and it gave me a huge buzz. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I know I won’t be able to do this for a long time.’”

“It then made me know a lot where to go.”

True to his word

Jose Deschene, who gave life to the character of Elaine The black dog came down For 15 years, I've long felt people's judgment regarding this series and its longevity.

“We became a bit like the drawing that everyone pointed to when they wanted to talk about a relationship that lasted too long. We knew it! But at the same time, The hostel“It was a family story, a family show that fulfilled a need of the audience,” recalled the actress who was grateful to have been involved in this project all these years.

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She added: “You get on this boat and say to yourself: I will get off the boat when it arrives,” emphasizing sincerity in work while risking rejection of the role that one plays in his life so as not to betray his obligations.

True nature It airs on Sunday after voice And maybe VAT + refund.