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Jake Allen will start tonight against the Coyotes

Jake Allen will start tonight against the Coyotes

The Canadian has decided not to lead the full morning practice ahead of tonight’s game against the Arizona Coyotes.

However, we still expect a few players to take to the ice at Mullett Arena, which should give good clues about the formation Martin St-Louis will use this evening.

Michael Pizzetta and Gustav Lindstrom have been training, which suggests they will be disqualified (unless there is a turnaround, we agree).

Jesse Ilonen should take the spot Biz In the lineup, there should not be any changes at the defense level.

Remember, Jordan Harris was an additional assistant coach yesterday.

Also note that Christian Dvorak was on the ice, as were Samuel Montembault and Kayden Primeau.

Will Jake Allen start tonight? Does Martin St. Louis want to give his veteran player a well-deserved day off?

That remains to be seen.

Update 3:40 p.m.: Jake Allen will finally be in front of the net for the Canadiens against the Coyotes. The Canadian also confirmed that Jesse Ilonen will replace Michael Pezzetta in the lineup:

Basically, I was expecting Cayden Primeau to get a chance to play because the conditions were perfect for him against the Arizona Coyotes.

On the other hand, the problem right now… is that all three Canadian goaltenders deserve to play.

Allen has had an excellent start to the season. Monty Also… Primo must play matches to further his development.

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Brief. Allen will have the opportunity to continue his momentum against an inexperienced team.

However, Peseta’s withdrawal doesn’t surprise me much. Because deep down, the Coyotes are a fast team that doesn’t rely on toughness to succeed…

And if Martin St. Louis also wants to focus on speed in his game plan, Jesse Ilonen is the perfect man for that.

I mentioned it up front, but yesterday it looked like Jordan Harris was going to miss his role tonight because he didn’t practice on one of the three regular defensive pairs. What has changed since then?

a lot of

The more things develop, the more we tell ourselves that things smell good for Christian Dvorak, who has yet to play a single game this season.

Let’s remember, for all practical purposes, that he is eligible to return (as soon as possible). Saturday 4th November vs. St. Louis.

Will he be in the squad against the Blues the day after tomorrow?