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Jacob Fowler impresses with his tact and French

Jacob Fowler impresses with his tact and French

Jacob Fowler is gaining a huge number of Montreal fans due to his amazing statistics at Boston College. Not only that. Like a typical student, he takes French lessons.

The aim of this β€œtraining” is the desire to communicate well with its French-speaking supporters in the future. Then according to his American teammate, Gabriel Perreault, Yannick's son, he is in very good shape.

Here is Perreault's speech on the subjectWho spoke to journalist John Morrissey on Twitter/X :

β€œHe's in good shape and it will help him a lot in Montreal. At first he had some problems, but he found a way to improve and it's good to talk to him!” – Perrault

If he had to give Fowler a grade for learning Molière's language, Perrault would give him a B or a B+, which is still well below the overall average, right?

He performs extremely well and is able to deliver complete sentences, making his repertoire much larger than it was just a few months ago. Beforehand, he knew a few words and some swear words, nothing more.

If we go back to the hockey level, remember that Fowler is considered the future No. 1 goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, according to some experts, thanks to his current strength. His calling card reads 13-3-1, with a goals-against average of 2.16 and an efficiency rate of 0.925%.

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Fowler and his compatriot Trey Augustine will defend the United States net in an attempt to win a gold medal. The tournament will start next Tuesday in Sweden.

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-Philippe Messar's confidence is truly on another level.

-He will definitely watch his friends out of the corner of his eye.

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– Worthy!