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Jabal Massad Public Park in M’sila: a space for relaxation and oxygen for families

Jabal Massad Public Park in M’sila: a space for relaxation and oxygen for families

A charming garden that attracts more and more families to spend leisure and relaxation time.

The forest of Jabal Massad (Al-Masila), which is famous for its cold climate in winter and mild in summer, has captured the hearts of Hadna residents, as well as from neighboring areas who love to relax there and breathe fresh air in it. Amid landscapes where green spaces and mountainous terrain mix. And in front of the attractiveness of the place and the large flow noticeable there, the local authorities turned part of it into a public park of 23 hectares dedicated entirely to families, as explained by the head of the Jabal Massad district, Raouf Kahlouch.

A public investment of about 30 million dinars has been allocated to develop the park, which includes many recreational facilities, to delight young and old alike. The public park has been entrusted, by tender, to a private investor who operates and manages it within the framework of tourism investment, recognizing there, in particular, restaurants, cafes and resting places that have been granted, recently, wooden huts that have given a nice aesthetic touch to the place, with it being a place Accommodation for visitors from remote areas.

A development that receives the approval of the citizens and is in line with the efforts aimed at developing tourism activity in the region, through the exploitation of public facilities that generate income for the municipality and the encouragement of preserving forest resources. Since its opening in October 2020, the Jabal Massad Public Park has established itself as the family space par excellence, never empty, so to speak.

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Ali said, the head of a family came specially from Busaada Preferring to wait until the end of the day to move around with your kids to better enjoy the freshnessIsmail, who came from M’sila after traveling 95 km, particularly appreciates it “Eminent family, respected and Ensure that these places are additionally equipped with recreational facilities for children.”.

Wahiba, who came from the province of Djelfa with her children to enjoy the fresh air of the park, claims to have discovered Jebel Massad last winter, when she stopped there, on her way to Bou Saada, to rest and have lunch. “It was a very good idea to be there, because discovering this wonderful place made me promise myself to come back there in the summer.”She admits that she is visibly pleased to keep her promise.

Salah Shakhshoukh, head of the Al-Maram Association for the Promotion of Tourism and Youth Exchange, confirmed that the forest of Mount Massad becomes during the summer, “The preferred haven for the people of the state of M’sila and the surrounding areas.”Because it does not exist, he asserts, “There is no other forest area for hundreds of kilometers around “. Furthermore, he adds, “The prices of the services are acceptable and reasonable, which encouraged the associations to organize trips there regularly.”.

A group of young people from the municipalities of Al-Hamel and Ain El-Melh in M’sila state head daily to this recreational area to taste jur, a traditional drink specific to the Jebel Massad region, obtained by infusing several forest plants including pistachios, lentils, pine leaves and rosemary. “Everything tastes most appreciated when served as a digestive drink after a good plate of zveti or a spicy chakchokha”slips, smiling, member of the group.

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The value of the garden after it was entrusted to an investor, according to the governor of forests, Muhammad Amer, this site, “It has become an all-time favourite throughout the year, especially in the summer, managed by the private sector under the law that allows the possibility of opening forest land for investment. In this regard, Mr. Amer mentions the setting of specifications that oblige the investor to register in forest sites only facilities with light wooden structures, as concrete is prohibited there.

The municipality of Jebel Massad, which peaks at an altitude of 1000 metres, is located in the heart of an important forest massif of more than 33,000 hectares, which makes it a real lung of the southern region of the wilaya of M’sila. The forest consists mainly of Aleppo pines, 63%, junipers (28%) and oaks (7%). Many kinds of animals also live there, such as rabbits, gerbils, and wild cats.