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Claire and Patrick and their small cultural space

Claire and Patrick and their small cultural space

The place we go to

On the street side, there is a window surrounding the ground floor of the house. It used to be a hardware store. From now on, Claire’s large paintings obscure the glazed space. tag has been pasted: bohemian life. As if to remind that if the place was not a business for a long time, it kept its message to welcome people, those who dream and those who make people dream. Because, of course, here, it’s not just the big home of Claire and her giant Patrick. It is also where we pass by, where we are greeted. Where we exchange, where we look, where we listen, where we innovate. It’shaping workshop.

A place for show and creativity © Radio France
Fred Romanwick

open house

Because it is in their genes, shared, Claire and Patrick, so they opened their house, to artists in particular. There is the workshop, large, warm and bright, where Claire has created her own creative space. A corner for painting and another for textile art, which you practice with passion. The workshop, which was several generations ago, was a great craftsman. Steam formation A very high chimney can be seen from afar. The heater is still there, very practical for grilling some sausages on holidays. When the great room turns into an ephemeral concert hall.

Visiting friends can set up with their own stand
Visiting friends can set up with their own stand © Radio France
Fred Romanwick

creative residence

For fellow artists, those looking for a small corner where they can let their creativity flow, there is another workshop, smaller in size but very bright thanks to the large glass ceiling that occupies two sections of the walls. Here, you can easily buy a creative housing that is protected from noise. quietly. This is for anyone who paints. For those who play, and who love the theater, Claire and Patrick have equipped themselves with a very small theater. One stage, about twenty seats… All you have to do is put the artist in front of his audience.

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small theater
small theater © Radio France
Fred Romanwick

game house

And then there game house, This room we just finished setting up, is a friendly and multifunctional space, which is used as a game room and a co-op café. Its four high-speed connections give young people from the region the opportunity to come and play on the net or – worse! – To come and work there online.

Le Gaming House
Le Gaming House © Radio France
Fred Romanwick