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Italian tourist shocked by ‘Italian goods’ sold in Australia (VIDEO)

Italian tourist shocked by ‘Italian goods’ sold in Australia (VIDEO)

A dish of Italian spaghetti. Photo: NoOneSaid | Adobe-Stock

Every country has its own culinary traditions and typical dishes. When going on a tourist trip to a foreign country, it is very rare for a tourist to see foods from his country that he knows, especially if they are typical products.

In Italy, making and tasting pasta, especially spaghetti, is a true living art. An Italian tourist visiting Australia doesn’t appreciate that typical foods in his country are sold in a supermarket.

The boisterous Italian tourist booked in Australia was shocked

In a TikTok video, Sofia Saccone introduced each product to the camera and explained why she didn’t approve of it. From tomato and cheese spaghetti to Heinz meatball spaghetti, she said “ Australian preparations put an Italian into a coma “.

Holding a packet of canned SPC Spaghetti, ” It’s so bad, I can’t explain how bad it is “. She was particularly disturbed by the Heinz tinned spaghetti shown served on sliced ​​bread.

Mozzarella and other pasta from the supermarket also fueled his disdain. If you’re Italian living in Australia, don’t ever try Woolies or Coles pasta. They are cruel “, she suggests,” Spend a little more Buy more pasta.

TikTokker called Continental Alfredo and Kraft Mac & Cheese Pasta. Too bad That she won’t buy anything. “ Not sure why but Australia loves these sauces she said, pointing to the Gravox range of ready-to-use sauces.

“I’m good with everything except canned spaghetti”

Unsurprisingly, she’s not a fan of McCain’s Vegemite pizza, or Vegemite in general. On the other hand, one of her favorite items when shopping in Australia is garlic bread from Woolworths.

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As for sweets, he’s adopted Catbury Caramel Chocolate, which he wishes was available in Italy. The video has been viewed 159,000 times and many Australians have commented on her review.

As a native Aussie I’m fine with everything except canned spaghetti. ” one user commented.

Others encouraged Ms. Saccone to try canned spaghetti at least once.I don’t even consider this canned ‘spaghetti’ to be spaghetti… more like a delicious porridge I put on toast. Another agreed.

For one third, Canned spaghetti has nothing to do with real spaghetti, it’s the experience. It is a tin can after all “.