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It was mixed with the philosophy of Martin St. Louis more than anything else

It was mixed with the philosophy of Martin St. Louis more than anything else

Incidentally, the 2023-24 season will be Josh Anderson’s fourth season in a Canadiens uniform. They were acquired in exchange for Max Domi after the 2020 series (which, remember, was contested in the summer in bubble), the forward force has been rolling around the city ever since.

Let’s also remember that he signed a seven-year deal (for $5.5 million per year) upon his arrival.

After three seasons, we are starting to know who Anderson is: he has excellent skating skills, great physical attributes and is capable of scoring goals. On the other hand, we also know that he doesn’t have the best vision for the game.

He is truly a North-South player.

However, what we seem to notice since Martin St. Louis arrived is that part of his identity seems a bit muddled. This was one of the topics covered during the podcast Even hockeyWhile the hosts talked about the CH coach’s philosophy.

Since his arrival in Montreal, Saint-Louis has insisted on the importance of personal development for every player, regardless of their age. However, as Alexander Gascón notes, we feel that for Anderson (and Brendan Gallagher) philosophy meant that he ended up being more promiscuous than anything else.

Because in reality the philosophy does not apply to all players. There are players who will easily be able to adapt and add strings to their bow, but for others, it is more important to play to their strengths rather than trying to be a more complete player.

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Which leads me to wonder if by insisting on the personal development of its players, without doing so willingly, St. Louis is causing Anderson to “lose his identity” a little. If Anderson isn’t skating or participating physically, he becomes a less important player for his club.

We can see this as a problem for the coach in terms of adapting his methods to his players, but we can also see it as a problem for the player depending on his limitations. It all depends on each person’s point of view.

So it will be up to both of them to be on the same wavelength in the end. Because it’s all well and good to want to develop Anderson, but the latter (who is limited to the base) will have to play to his strengths if he wants to help CH. that simple.

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– The deal: The Canadian acquired Yakov Novak, already in the Rockets organization since the beginning of July, from the Senators in exchange for future considerations.

– Erik Karlsson relaunched his career last year.

– David Savard is not doing well among the best shortstops in the league.

– It’s up to them to execute on the ice now.

– In any case. However, I wonder if it would have been the same if Carlos Alcaraz had faced Novak Djokovic, and if the final had not been played on the first Sunday of the NFL season.