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It is the end of WordPad, which has been removed from future versions of Windows

It is the end of WordPad, which has been removed from future versions of Windows

Basic word processing software WordPad, which has been offered free for nearly 30 years on PC, will no longer receive updates and will be absent from future versions of Windows, according to a support note from Microsoft.

WordPad was first published with Windows 95, released 28 years ago. The tool allows you to read files in .rtf, .docx, .odt or even .txt format. However, it does not have features such as correcting spelling errors or footnotes.

The end of WordPad was not surprising, as Microsoft had not paid much attention to it for more than a decade. The last notable update dates back to the launch of Windows 8 in 2012. Another sign: Since 2020, PC owners can also uninstall the app from their PC, something that wasn’t possible before.

It has been replaced by the word

Web giant recommends (A new window) Now to use its paid program Microsoft Word, which has broader functionality. However, purchasing a license for this tool does not suit all budgets; The Personal Edition, which also includes other software from the Microsoft 365 suite (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), costs $70 per year.

Otherwise, WIndows Notepad for plain text (.txt) documents can also be a solution. The company also recently added new features to this software, including automatic backup and automatic restore of tabs, which was launched under Windows 11.

It seems that Microsoft this year cleaned up some of its tools that were considered outdated. For example, the voice assistant app Cortana will be separated by the end of the year.

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Experts estimate that Microsoft will release the next version of its operating software, Windows 12, in 2024.

With information from Le Monde, The Verge, and Mashable