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Israel: O'Toole Moves Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem

Israel: O’Toole Moves Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole has pledged to move the Canadian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem if she comes to power, a position that is at odds with other parties.

“Isariel is a close ally of Canada, a friend, a democracy in a place that needs more democracy, and we will move our embassy and respect that the capital has been set up in Jerusalem,” Mr. O’Toole said Monday morning.

He emphasized that his policy “does not prevent us from favoring the two-state solution,” which remains the liberal government’s preferred option.

This commitment is not new. On the contrary, Mr. O’Toole asserted that this is a position he held for “years”. Former Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer promised the same in 2019.

The United States moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in October 2018, a decision supported by Donald Trump’s Republican government.

The election of Democrat Joe Biden as president did not change the situation. Upon taking office, new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized that he would not reverse the action taken by his predecessor, Mike Pompeo.

At the moment, few countries have decided to follow the example of the Americans, starting with members of the European Union, who continue to prefer Tel Aviv, believing that moving to Jerusalem violates international law.

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