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Isaac Newton comes back to life at La Marjolaine

Isaac Newton comes back to life at La Marjolaine

stage. Sci-fi comedy and musical, it’s the hilarious mix that theater lovers will be able to relish this summer on the stage of Théâtre La Marjolaine in Eastman. The new play by Stephane Prolot, Newton and the Celestial Bodiesfrom June 21.

Director Sylvan Scott explains: “If I had to describe the play, I’d say it’s a historical story under the guise of a completely absurd comedy.” Newton and the Celestial Bodies It tells of the battle that led astronomer Edmund Halley to publish one of the most famous scientific books written by his colleague, Isaac Newton.

Spectators will be transported to London, in the year 1684, but with a musical counterpoint composed by Yves Morin and inspired by the British Invasion of the 60s (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.).

Unique combination

The team behind this business is the first to admit it. The conjunction of theater and science is, at first glance, very special. However, since they were working on the piece, everyone agrees that the combination is a smash hit.

“Stefan is a scholar of history,” Sylvain Scott assures. When he first presented his idea to me, I found it intriguing, but after my first reading of the text in 2016, I was immediately hooked. »

The troupe had hoped to stage the play in the summer of 2021, but the pandemic has prevented it.

Natural compatibility

This isn’t the first time Stephane Prolot and Sylvain Scott have worked together on a similar project. In fact, they both starred in the French film adaptation of “L’Homme de la Mancha,” alongside Jean Mihoud, who will also play the villain in this summer’s play.

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The latter indicates that the chemistry between the cast settled quickly, they’re the ones who started the sequences together about a week ago. “From the very beginning, there was a concept of fun that was integrated with the production and the cast,” says Mr. Maheu. We work hard, really hard, but we manage to keep it light at the same time. »

Dominique Saint Laurent is also among the cast. Originally from Saint-Herménégilde, in Estrie, he expressed that the opportunity to play near his home was a pleasant experience.

“I was coming down from Montreal this morning and this road is my hometown,” he says with a smile. This is the way I go to my parents’ house or join my friends. I feel like I’m stopping on the way. »

Performances will take place Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 PM, as well as Saturdays, July 22 and 29, and then August 5 and 12, at 3:00 PM.