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Iowa |  Donald Trump begins a series of walks

Iowa | Donald Trump begins a series of walks

(MAKWOKETA) Donald Trump on Wednesday kicked off a fall caucus tour to shore up Republican caucus support in Iowa, where the former president faces extremely high expectations in his campaign to return to the White House.

Mr. Trump campaigned far less than his rivals in Iowa. Trump was making the first of five planned visits to the state between now and the end of October. The visits are aimed at changing what polls lead in Iowa based on dedicated supporters and volunteers. Mr. Trump’s campaign is trying to pull off a landslide victory that would rob his rivals of momentum and effectively end the primary on caucus day.

“Within four months, we will win the Iowa caucuses in a historic landslide,” predicted Donald Trump, addressing a crowd of more than 1,000 people in the small town of Maquoketa. Jan. He asked the 15 assembly attendees to support him and bring their friends to vote for him.

In 2016 Donald Trump finished behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Iowa. The candidate referred to his 2016 defeat at the start of his speech, blaming his previous campaign team.

Donald Trump’s campaign aims to collect cards signed by people pledging their support for him at the convention on January 15. While these cards don’t connect voters to a candidate, they provide campaigns with valuable contact information for getting out the vote and recruiting volunteers and leaders.

At a second event in Dubuque, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asked Mr. Trump addressed his administration’s efforts to help Iowa farmers and crack down on illegal immigration, long considered his top target.

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Before leaving town, Donald Trump stopped at Cathy’s Treehouse Pub and Restaurant. More than a hundred people gathered at the bar of the Bettendorf restaurant, where Mr. Trump signed dollar bills, ball caps and the tank top — and later, the arm — of a restaurant employee.

Mr. Trump has visited Iowa seven times this year, leading political and political events, and he made a stop at his campaign office in July. In Iowa, Mr. Trump made the choice.

More recently, his events have become photo ops, including tossing footballs at the Iowa State fraternity house and shaking hands before attending an Iowa State game. This month is college football.

Before that, Mr. Trump drew crowds at the Iowa State Fair in August. Mr. who came to the exhibition on the same day. He brought in members of the US House of Representatives from Florida to intimidate DeSantis.

Donald Trump is the front-runner for the Republican nomination, although he faces dozens of criminal charges in four separate cases.

“The reality is that Mr. Trump has a sustained lead in Iowa,” said Republican strategist David Koechel, an Iowa veteran and national Republican strategist.

Tracey Kelly, 48, a mother who homeschools her children, attended the event with her husband and family. Mr. After filling out his pledge card for Trump, Kelly called him “the right person to do the right thing.”

In particular, he highlighted the appointment of three US Supreme Court justices who, in Roe v. Wade allows states to adopt stricter abortion restrictions. Mr. Trump has refused to continue a national ban on abortion, angering some conservatives. But stillme Kelly said it didn’t bother him.

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“He may not always say the right things, but he speaks on behalf of our beliefs,” he said.