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International students: Cégep Limoilou records a record number of enrollments

International students: Cégep Limoilou records a record number of enrollments

At least 151 foreign students were registered at Cégep Limoilou this fall, a record number for this institution which received about fifty more students than last year.

This increase causes Much enthusiasmSays Jessica Nobert-Lavoie, one of three counselors who support international students at Cegep Lemoilo.

She attributes part of this enthusiasm to a measure announced by the Quebec government in May 2022 which stipulated that, starting in September 2023, certain foreign students pursuing their studies at an institution located outside the urban community of Montreal would pay the same tuition fees as Quebec students. .

Jessica Nobert Lavoie, International Student Support Adviser at Cégep Limoilou.

Photo: Radio-Canada

While the registration fee for Cégep Limoilou is $230 per session for a Quebec student, for a foreign student, the bill usually ranges between $7,000 and $11,000 for the same period, depending on the program.

The institution’s total student population was more than 4,300 at the beginning of the 2021 academic year.

Welcome and support

He certainly made an impact at the network [des cégeps.] For us it was positive“, says Ms. Nobert-Lavoie.

But he also reminded us of the importance of properly organizing the reception and support of students in advance to ensure their arrival on time.

To make sure everything runs smoothly on the immigration front, We follow up with themShe adds, explaining that she and her fellow counselors hold an official immigration certificate.

[C’est] This allows us to provide immigration advice and provide quality support to future studentsSays.

In this regard, Cégep Limoilou also cooperates with two law firms in the Quebec region.

In some cases, they take charge of students’ immigration applications, says Ms. Noppert-Lavoie, which she believes will certainly have a positive impact on their acceptance rate.

Mathis Chirisi, originally from France and a student of Artisanal Cabinet Making, a three-year program in artisanal techniques, welcomes all the people who [l’ont] shoulder In treatment.

There are a lot of things to do, but it is done step by step.

Mathis Chirisi, a student at Cégep Limoilou from France.

Mathis Chirisi, a student at Cégep Limoilou, is originally from France.

Photo: Radio Canada

Once the procedures are completed, future students can get a certain start when it comes to finding accommodation in the capital. If Cégep provides everyone with certain ways to guide them, for students coming from France, We will also organize activities before they arrive so they can meet and develop connectionsAdds Jessica Nobert-Lavoie.

This is how we organize VIP parties This thus increases the possibilities for co-housing in a context where affordable housing is in notable shortage.

Me, I went through different sites [que le Cégep] made available to us, on behalf of the Marketplace […]and sometimes there are slightly fraudulent adsMattis said. You must pay attention. But in the end, I managed to find something.

He now lives downtown with two roommates.

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The first step before permanent residency

Of the 151 foreign students enrolled in fall 2023 at Cégep Limoilou, two-thirds come from France, the institution specifies. The others come mainly from French-speaking African countries such as Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Morocco in particular.

“These students come mainly for our technical programs,” such as computer science, business administration, nursing, arts and crafts, and audio-visual subjects, Cégep adds.

Coming from Latin America, Sebastian Campos began studying this course in Mechanical Engineering Techniques, drawing design element.

Sebastian Campos, originally from Latin America, studies mechanical engineering techniques at Seguip Lemuelo.

Sebastian Campos, originally from Latin America, studies mechanical engineering techniques at Seguip Lemuelo.

Photo: Radio Canada

Having done a lot of franchises here, in QuebecOver the course of two weeks in particular in 2019, Sébastien had the opportunity to visit Cégep and its buildings before starting the college admission process.

Although there is less information for a student from Latin AmericaHe says that the International Bureau – as well as the young man’s father – helped him a lot with immigration matters. He points out that he did not have it no problem to Enter here.

Does he plan to stay in Quebec once his program is complete? naturally! This left a young man who wanted a career in mechanical engineering.

After three years of study […]I would like to stay here for permanent residence, and be a Canadian citizen if possible.

in other CEGEPs in the region

In Segipjarneau, the number of foreign students enrolled this fall is 182. In 2022, there will be 121 students.

As with Sigip Lemoelo, Segip Garneau points out that technical programs are very popular, especially those related to computers, nursing and business administration. 133 foreign students are enrolled there, compared to 49 in pre-university programmes.

The number of foreign students enrolled in this course is 111, “very similar to the number for autumn 2022,” according to the CIGEP de Saint-Foy report.

The latter chose the programs Dance Interpretation, Children’s Education Technologies, Multimedia Integration Technologies, Forestry Technology, Presentation Design Technologies, Financial Services and Insurance Technologies as well as Humanities.

With information from Flavy Villeneuve