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Serious Crime Count: 'I haven't seen this in my 40-year career'

Serious Crime Count: ‘I haven’t seen this in my 40-year career’

At the request of the FBI, SQ took charge of the investigation of the three murders that had occurred within 24 hours, a few days earlier, in Montreal and Laval.

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This procedure is unusual, because usually, murders committed in Montreal are investigated by the SPVM. But since it is the same person, in a close spatiotemporal space, it is more practical. There will be an investigation in Laval in Montreal. That would be a lot of investigation, explained Andre Durocher, a retired SPVM inspector.

According to him, serious crimes could occur more frequently in the future.

“My police career started in the early ’80s when we started seeing deinstitutionalization. And we saw an increase. What I found unfortunate in this situation is, at some point for a policeman, it becomes difficult to tell who the offender is or who has mental health issues.”

Moreover, Quebec is seeing the largest increase in the Serious Crime Index in Canada, Statistics Canada revealed on Tuesday.

“What I’m seeing now, which I’ve never seen in my 40-year career, is the number of violent incidents we’re currently experiencing. Not only on an annual basis, but practically a few times a week. This is worrying,” the former inspector believes.

“I hope it’s a wake-up call. How many victims exactly will we need in order to face the problem head on?” he asks.

Watch his full interview in the video above.

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