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Inoculation With AstraZeneca For 45 Years And More |  Happy first day

Inoculation With AstraZeneca For 45 Years And More | Happy first day

Several Quebec residents aged 45 and over received a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday. As of late Wednesday afternoon, many of them were coming to the vaccination clinic at the Palais des Congrès.

Ariane LacursierAriane Lacursier

Choral Laplant

In all, 1,850 doses of this vaccine were distributed during the day at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. The popularity has been so great that all appointments have already been granted for the rest of the week and there are no more walking doses left, said Marie-Yves Brunel, in charge of vaccination at CIUSSS. -de-l’Île-de-Montréal, Wednesday afternoon.

Besides the Pfizer doses dispensed by appointment on Wednesday at the Palais des congrès, approximately 3,000 vaccinations were administered at this location. The largest vaccination day so far.

Photo by Oliver Jane, press

Assistant Principal Nurse Celine Jarrett (right) and Eric Locklear, head of the vaccination service at the Palais des Congrès

“It’s real!” Released Eric Leclerc, head of the vaccination service at the Palais des Congrès. After coming out of retirement to participate in the vaccination effort, Mr. Leclerc roamed the corridors all day to manage the patient flow. About 40 to 50 patients an hour came to get the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Lisa Levy woke up at 2 am on Wednesday to try to get an appointment at Clic Santé for the AstraZeneca vaccine. She was more than happy to contact medical student Tommy Lavoye Torkut, vaccination student, to receive her dose. “Hey!” She said after receiving her injection.

Photo by Oliver Jane, press

Lisa Levy receives her first dose of AstraZeneca at the Palais des Congrès on Wednesday

At around 5 p.m., the patients still presenting themselves at the Palais des Congrès were among the last to be discharged after receiving an unspecified dose. Jose Ferriault was one of them. On arrival around 4:30 pm, she received a voucher and was able to get vaccinated between 6 pm and 7 pm.

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Meanwhile, Head Nurse Celine Jarrett was wandering through all the vaccinators’ tables to administer the exact exercise at the end of the day as it is necessary to assess waiting lists, appointments and come in to try to determine how many doses are left to prepare. Exercising is critical because no dose should be missed. From 6 pm, the syringes are prepared in a dropper to avoid losses.

For AstraZeneca, the risk is less important. Because the bottles can be returned to the refrigerator even after opening them. With the Pfizer vaccine, however, the six doses must be given in vials within six hours, Leclerc explains.

Constantly, mI Jarrett has to reassess it. Because patients don’t come to their appointments. At about 6 PM, an unwell patient was due to receive a dose of AstraZeneca, he saw it at the last minute and left his chair to turn back.

In the vaccination center pharmacy, a team of pharmacists and technicians is constantly supplying the teams. In all, 150 employees work on vaccinations every day at the Palais des Congrès.

When it becomes clear that a few doses will not find a recipient at the end of the day, CIUSSS uses a call list. Montreal police officers have been vaccinated in recent weeks. In particular, a dose may also be provided to vaccination center employees if any dose remains in the last minutes of the day.

The goal is clear: not to miss a dose. Mr Leclerc quotes Montreal’s Regional Director of Public Health, Dr.Return Milene Drouin, who says that vaccinating someone who is not exactly in the right category is a passing sin, but wasting a dose is a fatal sin. For Mr. Leclerc, it was a heavy Wednesday, but “very satisfying”. He ended his day with more than 22,000 paces on the clock.

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Popular everywhere

Across Quebec, the announcement of expanding the age group that could receive the AstraZeneca vaccine prompted many people to take the vaccination clinics route.

At the Olympic Stadium, dozens of people were waiting to receive their dose in the morning.

Rosa Pons, 45, said she is very happy that the vaccination is open to her age group.


Rosa Pons, 45, arrived at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

I believe that people aged 45 and over are more motivated to be vaccinated than older age groups. We have a more active life and children want to return to their normal lives.

Rosa Pons

Patients interviewed Journalism He seems to have little concern about the risk of blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. “My daughter told me that women are more likely to have a blood clot with the pill than with the AstraZeneca vaccine. If our women can do this, we are able to get the vaccine!” Martin Lizzie laughed.


Martin Lizée received a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

At CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, all 1,784 open appointments were booked for AstraZeneca vaccines at 7 am. By 4 pm, 944 doses of the vaccine had been given without an appointment. “We invite the target population to visit Clic Santé regularly or come to one of our vaccination sites without an appointment to get a vaccine,” said the foundation’s spokeswoman at the end of the day, Annie Charbonneau.

In Laval, 1,100 doses were administered with and without appointment on Wednesday. In Monterige, 2,032 people received the AstraZeneca vaccine, that is, 1,300 people with an appointment and 732 people without an appointment.

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