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India: A fictitious call center deceived by the Breakfasts at Dawn meals

India: A fictitious call center deceived by the Breakfasts at Dawn meals

A fake call center has been busted in India that defrauded customers of an Australian bank last month after being betrayed by too many early morning breakfast orders, AFP reports. Bombay Police on Monday.

The call center housed dozens of operators who were not allowed to leave its premises, located along Rajodi Beach outside India’s financial capital, Bombay, for fear of detection.

But these repeated requests for breakfasts served at a nearby restaurant, from 4am, were reported to the police.

“The resort is full of tourists on weekends, but it is almost deserted the rest of the time,” said police officer Suhas Bafshi. place”.

On the night of April 11, the police finally launched a search of the one-story building, which was equipped with 60 workstations. The owner and 47 workers were arrested.

They have been charged with impersonation, fraud and fraud under the Indian Information Technology Act.

The authorities began a thorough examination of the computers. The investigation revealed that the young operators had been trained to communicate with unsuspecting bank customers in Australia.

Bafshi said they were extracting sensitive personal data and security information, including passwords, which they passed on to their managers via email.

“It is definitely the tip of the iceberg. We are investigating the international links to this racket,” the policeman added.

According to him, these dummy call centers operate all over the country and are regularly dismantled before being reconfigured.

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