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Is Biden excluded from the presidential elections in Ohio and Alabama?

Is Biden excluded from the presidential elections in Ohio and Alabama?

Ohio and Alabama secretaries to caution Joe Biden's campaign team said this week that the president's name may not appear on ballots in their states in November due to the timing of his inauguration as the presidential nominee at the Democratic convention. Biden will receive his party's nomination on August 22, after the deadline set for Ohio and Alabama to certify presidential nominees.

Democratic officials are considering their options to overcome the problem, and publicly express their confidence in reaching a solution. But they privately suspect bad faith between the Republican secretaries of state in both states, given that arrangements have been made in the past to prevent Republican (or Democratic) candidates from being disqualified for the same reason, and no more so than so late in 2020. Alabama, for example, before The Secretary of State submitted a letter approved by the Republican National Committee confirming that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee for president.

But Wes Allen (pictured), who now holds that position, says he has no intention of agreeing to such an arrangement this year, saying he “swore an oath to run elections in Alabama according to Alabama law, not to help run the Democratic Party.” “.

In both Ohio and Alabama, one solution is to adopt a new law that changes the deadlines in both states. Obviously, the simplest solution is to give a temporary place on the ballot to the person who officially becomes the Democratic presidential nominee on August 22 in Chicago.

“Joe Biden will be on the ballot in all 50 states.” Announce Josh Marcus Plank, a spokesman for the president's campaign, said in a statement. “State officials have the option of granting certification of access to provisional ballots prior to the conclusion of presidential nominating conventions. In 2020 alone, states like Alabama, Illinois, Montana, and Washington allowed provisional certification for both Democratic and Republican candidates. »

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Barring a massive surprise, Trump will control Ohio and Alabama in November. But Biden's absence from the ballots in those states could reduce Democratic turnout and hurt Democratic candidates, including current Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown.

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