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In the United Kingdom, nearly 15,000 companies have committed to a “decent” wage.

In the United Kingdom, nearly 15,000 companies have committed to a “decent” wage.

The “Living Wages” Foundation has 14,751 members, including small businesses and world-renowned groups such as Burberry and Aviva.

It is Michelin's policy to pay decent salaries to all employees worldwide. Its CEO wants to go further by the end of the year with guaranteed minimum protection for its 132,000 employees.

The French group isn't the only auto supplier to accept the United Nations' official recommendation. L'Oréal, for example, uses a similar ban. But all French companies are obliged to pay their employees above the minimum wage. It is true that in France there are no employers in writing on this subject. However, it is in the United Kingdom.

Burberry, Aviva, Nestlé, Ikea…

Across the channel, the basement “Living wage“Minimum salaries at 14,751 member companies are “decent”. Most are small and medium-sized companies, but also include some groups with global reputations such as luxury brand Burberry, insurance company Aviva, and British subsidiaries from Nestlé and Ikea.

In London, a Swedish furniture company pays its employees 15% more than the British minimum wage. In other cities in the country, the minimum hourly wage is equal to 14 euros, or 5% higher than the legal minimum wage across the Channel.

Despite its commitment to the United Kingdom, Ikea struggles to convince all employees in Europe of its advantage in terms of salary. In recent months, in France but also in Germany and Poland, its employees have been called to strike to protest their low salaries and demand increases.

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