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In the photo |  Customer returns a 2002 TV to Costco

In the photo | Customer returns a 2002 TV to Costco

A Costco member went viral after returning an extra-large TV purchased in 2002 to the store.

A photo shared by a Reddit user shows the massive screen mounted on a rolling platform in the customer service line at a Costco in Pennsylvania.

This is most likely a Samsung HCL552W monitor, which was sold on tablets in 2002.

Today, the store chain accepts returns of electronic devices within 90 days of purchase. However, prior to 2007, Costco policy stated that there was no time limit for refunds; Thus members can return their purchases even after several years.

Clearly, this is what the Costco member had in mind when he returned this 20-year-old TV.

The netizen who shared the famous photo wrote: “I did not see the person who brought this article.”

“I saw employees just making payments,” he adds. “They were like, ‘It complies with the regulations,’ and they just shrugged.”

The post received more than 67,000 reactions and nearly 4,000 comments on Reddit.

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