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In the face of a dengue epidemic, Relief pour la Martinique is calling on residents to be vigilant

In the face of a dengue epidemic, Relief pour la Martinique is calling on residents to be vigilant

The dengue epidemic continues in Martinique. So far, 14 serious cases have been reported, including 6 deaths. According to the latest figures from the regional health agency, an average of 800 cases are recorded each week. In the face of this situation, the authorities call for vigilance and call on the population to respect preventive measures to reduce the risks of the spread of the virus, especially on Halloween.

“Martinique is currently affected by the epidemic of dengue serotype 2, to which the population has little immunity.”remembers ARS.

in this time, 14 serious cases, including 6 deaths We must feel sorry for the island. In its latest update on the situation, the health agency estimated the number of new cases recorded on an average weekly at 800 over the past three weeks. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 10,000 cases of dengue have been reported.

The municipalities with the highest infection rates are Anse Darlet, Diamonds and Seas.

In addition to the usual known clinical signs (fever, headache, muscle pain, etc.) Extreme fatigue), this disease can also cause severe digestive symptoms: Loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The critical phase of dengue fever is usually between the fourth and seventh days. If clinical signs such as fever, drowsiness or severe abdominal pain (vomiting, bleeding, etc.) persist, it is recommended to contact Center 15.

Complications often occur at this stage and can lead to forms Serious, requiring hospitalization.

ARS Martinique and the Martinique Regional Collection will be launched on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Toussaint operation. This includes preventing mosquito breeding by replacing the water in vases with wet sand or moss and housing decorative items that are likely to contain standing water.

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Preventive message from the Regional Health Agency, in order to avoid the spread of mosquitoes in cemeteries in Martinique during All Saints’ Day 2022.

Teams will be present at the island’s 47 cemeteries to ensure the provision of moist sand and discuss preventive measures against mosquitoes and dengue fever with residents.