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“Musikenfeu” in Espace Sophia – The New Federation and Maple's Future

“Musikenfeu” in Espace Sophia – The New Federation and Maple's Future

Espace Sophia is once again presenting the free Musikenfeu event on February 3 in Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax.

“Musikenfeu” is a tradition that has been going on for 14 years. The event is back with lots of new features. Known for its spectacular professional fireworks displays, this special family activity will bring even more people together with its new features.

From 5pm, you can walk by torch from Espace Sophia for 2.5 km or more. Afterwards, people are invited to come enjoy a grilled hot dog with a selection of local sausages and enjoy drinks served at the outdoor bar.

On site there is a slide to entertain children and adults. Another new feature is country dancing with the teacher and DJ Line Provencher outside. Everything is completed with a Zumba session with teacher Julie Bolduc.

The evening is also enhanced by a campfire to warm up. At 8:30 p.m., the Musikenfeu band returns with its fireworks. Afterwards, the celebrations continue indoors with the festive duet band “Les 2”. This beautiful evening will make you forget the cold of winter.

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