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Be careful, your vehicle may be among the most stolen vehicles in Quebec

Be careful, your vehicle may be among the most stolen vehicles in Quebec

Luxury cars are increasingly being targeted by thefts, but it’s the Honda CR-V that ranks high on the list of cars most appreciated by thieves in Quebec and Canada.

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According to the annual list published by the Équité Association of Canada, about 4,117 2016-2021 Honda CR-Vs were stolen in 2021, including 2,917 in Quebec, fueling the lucrative export business in stolen cars.

The Ford F150 series pickup truck and Honda Civic are in second and third place with 391 and 308 vehicles respectively stolen during the same period, throughout Quebec, Montreal after it became the main port of exit for stolen vehicles.

À l’échelle du pays, ce sont les véhicules de marques Lexus serie RX et Ford serie F150 qui sont le plus prisés, après le VUS de Honda, avec 2202 et 1182 unités volées, dont la majorité en Ontarioch, seiff ‘body.

The organization’s analysis reveals that thieves have their sights set on all high-end vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, and are now using technology to get their dirty work done.

Using relay attack technology, thieves can connect to the onboard diagnostic port and reprogram the remote control key to be able to start the vehicle they can also easily break into.

“Not only does car theft cost Canadians millions of dollars each year, but the proceeds from this illegal activity fund organized crime and terrorism at home and abroad,” said Brian Gast, Vice President of the Equity Association.

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