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In England, this pastry chef lends her oven to those who can't cook at home

In England, this pastry chef lends her oven to those who can’t cook at home

For a few days, Ed Hamilton-Trewitt gives his largest industrial oven Faced with rising energy bills, people are giving up on using what’s in their homes. It takes place in the United Kingdom, in the small town of Guisborough, where a pastry chef runs a unity bakery. His specialty, the giant 60-cent scone, is a typically British roll. If she decides to open her shop, one of her customers said in November that she would rather buy her scones by the dozen than cook them at home because of the energy costs.

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Renewing the tradition of the community hearth

she saidThe chef explains Washington Post, This year she won’t make a Christmas cake because her electricity bill has doubled and she is struggling to make ends meet and that makes me sad, I thought to myself, we have to do something.“And something was discovered: with everything she cooks every day, her oven runs almost 24 hours a day, and there’s clearly room for an extra cake pan. So Ed Hamilton decided to give this space to this woman. Everyone needed.

He announced it on his bakery’s Facebook page and quickly realized the scale of the current crisis: single mothers, students, retirees brought him cakes, quarantined in two weeks. Others asked if they could come to bake the cake on Christmas Eve, very dense products that sometimes take four, five, six hours to cook, but in England they are essential for anniversaries.

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So Ed Hamilton opens his kitchen doors. And it’s no surprise to see his journey. For decades, he was a chef in palaces, he managed six restaurants and even served the Queen of England, then a few years ago he said that he wanted to change everything and create delicious affordable and its unity pastry. Today, his generosity has earned him calls from media outlets around the world. But Ed Hamilton said it was only a small gesture, a service he would maintain after Christmas, and finally “Revive an old and useful medieval tradition It’s called a community oven.