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Dune Warner Bros Rebecca Ferguson Timothée Chalamet

France will find the film a month before the US

Atlantic viewers will have to wait longer before finding Dune, Warner Bros. announces that the French release date will remain unchanged. See you on September 15th.

The start of the school year promises to be busy for dark rooms. After several months of closure, cinema programming has never been so busy. Avoid competition with newcomers James Bond: Waiting to die, Warner Bros. has decided to postpone the release of this movie for a while Sand On the big screen. Scheduled across the Atlantic on October 1st, it is coming Finally on October 22nd. This is the third time the film has been promised a theatrical release in December 2020, but was delayed due to an epidemic.

If the fate of the film in France has not yet been recorded, Warner Bros. France has just decided on Twitter. To the delight of French Frank Herbert fans the film will be released on a scheduled date. It will be presented to the public during the Venice Film Festival.

From September 15Therefore, this new adaptation can be found in acting with Timothy Salamet. The actor will play Paul Adritis, who, after being betrayed by Emperor Shadam IV, avenges his family and recaptures the planet Doon. He will respond to Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: El Ascension de Skywalker), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), Jason Momova (Son of the Ocean). Jentaya (Spider-Man: Far away from home) And Josh Brolin (Deadpool 2) Will be too.

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In directing, Denise Villeneuve wins after David Lynch. Director Blade Runner 2049 And Premier Contact Partnered with Hans Zimmer for original music. Famous composer is in charge of Brian Eno, who signed the score for the first film with Kyle McLachlan.

Remember that the film will be the first part of the saga, it must be denied In two chapters. Warner Bros. has not yet released any information about this second installment.