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In Australia, a former Prime Minister has challenged the Aboriginal flag

In Australia, a former Prime Minister has challenged the Aboriginal flag

Former right-wing prime minister Tony Abbott on Friday called on Australia to lower the Aboriginal flag after last week’s failed referendum on indigenous peoples’ rights.

He praised the Australians who resisted With extravagant virtue 61% rejected the reform, which he considered politically correct, compared to 39% who voted. Yes.

If the people’s vote is to be respected, recent concessions to separatism must be abandoned or scaled back.Tony Abbott wrote in the Daily AustralianRepresents tribal symbols.

He especially contested the truth The tribal flag should be flown alongside the national flag [comme si l’Australie était un pays composé de deux nations].

The Aboriginal flag – a black upper band and a red lower band, with a yellow disc in the center – has been one of Australia’s official flags since 1995.

Unlike the Australian flag, whose copyright rests with the federal government, the Aboriginal flag belongs to its designer, Harold Thomas.

Photo: Getty Images / Ian Waldie

Australians voted overwhelmingly in a referendum on October 14 No On the question whether the Constitution of 1901 should be amended to recognize the natives of the country.

They also ruled out the formation of an advisory body – dubbing the voice – To Parliament and Government to issue opinions on laws and public policies affecting indigenous peoples.

Mr Abbott, who was Prime Minister of the Liberal Party from 2013 to 2015, has also criticized ceremonies that recognize Aboriginal people’s connection to the land they occupied thousands of years before British colonization began in 1788.

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Supporters of the referendum saw it as a way to unify the country, while also correcting historical injustices inflicted on First Nations people, who have shorter life expectancies and are statistically poorer, less educated and more likely to be incarcerated.

After the referendum, local leaders a Peace week The result was mourning, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called on the nation for unity.